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  • Rise of Mobile Gaming: Beyond Handhelds

    You’re taking the train to work, you’re sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, you got to the place where you’re meeting your friends too early. You need to kill some time, so what do you do? You reach into your pocket or your bag, and you pull out your smartphone or tablet […]

  • Mobile Edge Ultra Portable Backpack Review

    Netbooks don’t exactly live up to their billing as ultraportable devices. You can’t take them everywhere and they don’t fit in a pocket or small purse. Factor in a power supply, mouse and any other accessories, and an ultraportable netbook suddenly requires a case or backpack, just like a large laptop. Case and backpack maker […]

  • Mobile Edge Select Backpack Review pics

    by Andrew Baxter, New York USA Many of us today carry a standard sized (14-inch to 15.4-inch screen) laptop to work or school along with a few books, documents and electronic accessories. If you’re such a person, what you need is a good backpack that can hold and protect your laptop, and then give you […]

  • MojoPac “Mobile Desktop” Software Review

    by Dustin Sklavos INTRODUCTION The MojoPac is a new tool which aims to knock our precious laptops off their mighty perches in the consumer and professional markets. Of course, I jest. Do not be fooled by the physical MojoPac; the true MojoPac exists inside, in the software. And what is MojoPac, really? The desktop on […]

  • Mobile Edge Express Backpack Review

    by Sarah Meyer The Mobile Edge Express Backpack is a recent addition to the lineup from a company known for making solid, affordable notebook bags and cases.  At first glance, the Express Backpack has a sporty look and a ton of pockets.  On the outside alone it has five pockets plus the main compartment. But […]