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  • eZonics ePen Optical Pen/Mouse Review

    by Greg Ross The eZonics ePen is easily one of the most unique human interface devices I have ever come across.  It looks like a pen, feels like a pen, and is about as heavy as a pen … but you use it with your computer.  It is a great choice for students, artists/photoshoppers, and […]

  • Mouse Buyers Guide

    Tired of using the touchpad on your brand new notebook? Want to upgrade from the ancient mouse that came with your home computer? Well, look no further! In this guide, the different styles of mice will be described and examples, pros and cons, price ranges, and links to reviews and manufacturers will be provided. Basically, […]

  • Microsoft SideWinder X8 Mouse Review

    The Microsoft SideWinder X8 Mouse is the first gaming mouse to feature Microsoft’s BlueTrack Technology for improved tracking capabilities. With a new, more ergonomic shape and on-the-fly DPI switching, is the SideWinder X8 the best wireless gaming mouse on the market? Let’s take a closer look. Below are the key features and specs of the […]

  • Microsoft SideWinder Mouse Review

    by Jerry Jackson The Microsoft SideWinder Mouse is the newest precision laser mouse designed for gaming enthusiasts, graphic artists, or anyone looking for a durable, high-resolution mouse. While the contoured shape, metal scroll wheel and forward/back buttons on this laser mouse are quite impressive, the real news is first-ever LCD on a mouse and on-the-fly […]

  • Logitech VX Revolution Mouse Review

    by Caleb Schmerge Introduction How often do you scroll in the average sitting at your computer?   Once an hour, once a minute, once every few seconds?   How much do you end up scrolling?   Does it ever get on your nerves? Logitech VX Revolution Mouse (view large image) Logitech did studies that show […]