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  • Logitech v450 Notebook Mouse Review and Comparison to v200

    Logitech V200 VS. V450 Notebook Mouse Review Logitech, for many years, has created top quality mice among other things. Currently their best portable notebook mouse is the v450, which only recently came out. Having used the ever-reliable v200 for quite some time now, I decided to try out the new v450. v200 on the left, […]

  • Logitech MX Air Mouse Review

    by Jerry Jackson The Logitech MX Air Mouse is a unique cordless mouse that works on your desk like a regular mouse as well as “in the air” like a Wii controller. Now you can lean back in your chair or on your couch while controlling your Windows desktop or navigating your media content in […]

  • Kensington Si650m Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse Review

    by Ted Lynch The Kensington Si650mis a new wireless notebook mouse from Kensington for those of you yearning to break free from the constraints that a corded mouse provides while on the go. Being a current happy Kensington notebook mouse owner, I was interested in seeing how the new mouse would stack up. The Si650m […]

  • Creative Fatal1ty 1010 Gaming Mouse Review

    by Nathan Chang In the midst of all the which mouse is best debates, there stands that othermouse that never seems to get mentioned: the Creative Fatal1ty 1010 mouse.  Despite being slightly annoying to spell out, the Fatal1ty mouse is what Creative markets as a gaming grade mouse, designed in conjunction with Mr. Fatal1ty himself […]