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  • Roku Updates Netflix Players with Search and Instant Queue

    Roku is known for being the first company to partner with Netflix and deliver instant streaming compatibility to a device other than your computer. These little boxes sit beneath your TV and take advantage of instant streaming video over the Internet. Up until now, however, the Roku players have offered only limited functionality. Capable of […]

  • PlayLater Software Review: A PC ‘DVR for Netflix & Hulu?

    Streaming video keeps exploding in popularity, with sites like Hulu offering hundreds of TV episodes and Netflix providing thousands of movies. For busy notebook PC users, though, there’s always been one big hitch: the need to be hooked up to the Internet while watching the videos. That’s where PlayLater software steps in. What if you […]

  • Netflix Watch Instantly 2010 Review

    By Dustin Sklavos Doing a roundup of online video streaming services should seem easy enough, but when it comes to Netflix, the review winds up being maddeningly difficult to write. We reviewed Netflix’s watch instantly service last yearand found it to be good if a bit flawed; the question now is how has the intervening […]