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  • How to Switch from Microsoft Office

    You be ditching Microsoft Office along with Microsoft Windows in its entirety for Mac OS X or Linux. Or perhaps you like Windows but want to break free from Microsoft Office. Then again, you could have simply grown tired of paying Microsoft per year or per license for its suite of Office apps. With the […]

  • Microsoft Office 365 Preview: Hello Lync, Goodbye Live Meeting

    Microsoft’s Office 365, now set for rollout on 28, will swap out Office Communications Online and Live Meeting for the new Lync Online, while also improving the online editions of Exchange and PowerPoint, an analyst said this week, during a preview of a new cloud-based office suite aimed at tailorability to businesses of all sizes. […]

  • Microsoft Office 2010 Buyers Guide — Breaking Down the Office 2010 Editions

    By Jay Garmon Microsoft Office hits retail stores this month and as usual Microsoft is offering a byzantine selection of Office Editions to choose from. Which version of Office is right for you, and which Editions are you even eligible to buy? We break it down in this buyers guide. The Editions There are seven […]

  • Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office — The Dont Have To Buyers Guide

    By Jay Garmon From open-source software to Web-based applications, there are so many free alternatives to Microsoft Office it’s a wonder anyone pays hundreds of dollars for a word processor, spreadsheet, or presentation program anymore. But of all the freebie office suites out there, which is most worth the money you don’thave to spend? We […]

  • Corel Rolls Out WordPerfect Office X6, a Microsoft Office Alternative

    For Windows PC users wanting alternatives to the ribbon-based Microsoft Office, Corel on released a new edition of the WordPerfect Office suite which adds a new Document Viewer app for Android devices, along with features such as multiple monitor support and built-in eBook pubishing. Corel’s suite still revolves around WordPerfect, Presentations, and the Quattro Pro […]