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  • Toshiba Satellite Pro L100 Review Page 2

    Benchmarks Beneficial benchmarks in this case would be to compare the various CPUs available at around this price range and the various IGPs also available at this price range. The former will be done with super-pi and the Graphics benchmarks with 3dMark05. CPU test: Super-Pi calculating 2 million digits of Pi. NotebookTimeToshiba Satellite Pro L100 […]

  • Sony VAIO G Series Review — Page 2

    Benchmarks for VGN-G11XN/B (Core Solo U1500) Windows Vista Experience Index Vista on a low powered computer doesn’t seem to be the best choice but these notebooks were manufactured at the time of Vista’s launch. Sony have subsequently made XP drivers available on request. The G11 scored 2.0 on the Windows Experience Index. The weak link […]

  • Lenovo ThinkPad R60 14.1-inch Review Page 2

    Keyboard Area It’s a ThinkPad, ’nuff said.  I suppose I’ll elaborate a little more.  The keyboard on the the R60, like all ThinkPads I have used, is magnificent.  The keyboard is firm and key travel is excellent as one would expect of a ThinkPad Keyboard.  I miss some of the port markings along the edge […]

  • HP nx8220 Review page 2

  • HP Compaq nx9420 Review — Page 3

    Battery The battery is good – an 8-cell HP. It lasts well over 3 hours. In the best case with maximum power saving options (lowest brightness and powerplay + lowest multiplier CPU) it goes over 4 hours in normal Windows work.  The disk supports sleep modes, as well as Vista. There is also a hybrid […]