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  • Plextor Showcases M6 Pro SATA SSD with PlexTurbo

    COMPUTEX 2023 has begun, and Plextor is pulling out the stops, demoing a new, smarter SSD product. The M6 Pro with PlexTurbosoftware is a high-performance consumer-level solid-state drive solution. The new storage device is being pitched as a reliable drive, and it’s the first SSD drive to pass Plextor’s Zero-Error standard of 400 units surviving […]

  • Plextor PX-HDTV500U Mini Digital HDTV Receiver Review

    by Chris Carnabatu Plextor PX-HDTV500U Mini Digital HDTV ReceiverReview For over 15 years, consumers and professionals alike have been looking to Plextor LLC for solutions in the complex field of digital media storage and capabilities. To add to their line of impressive products, Plextor recently introduced the PX-HDTV500U Mini Digital HDTV Receiver for those of […]

  • Plextor PX-608CU Super Multi Portable Drive Review

    by Jerry Jackson The ever-growing world of ultraportable laptops brings mobile convenience at the cost of some features. We all want a smaller notebook computer for travel, but sometimes that means we can’t have a built-in CD/DVD drive. Plextor comes to the rescue with the PX-608CU external drive. This USB-powered drive eliminates the need to […]