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  • Portable One UX Ultraportable Notebook Review pics, specs

    by Giuseppe Naylor I am personally a big fan of the mainstream/full-size notebook computer. I travel extensively, and I have no problem carrying my eMachines M6809 everywhere I go; I need the complete functionality. Then an offer comes to review the Portable One UX ultraportable notebook. Andafter my experience with the Portable One UX, I […]

  • Portable One SXS37 Review

    by Kevin O’Brien The Portable One SXS37is a 13.3 multimedia notebook, offering a ton of features in a lightweight package. With features such as an optional transreflective TrioView display for outdoor viewing, many external ports, and easy internal access for upgrades this notebook should be a hit with more demanding users. Read on to see […]

  • Portable One SR2 Notebook Review pics, specs

    by Joshua Hoover About every 3 to 4 years I set out to replace my rapidly aging laptop or desktop machine. Generally I try to always get the most for my money. This means countless hours researching every possible choice that will meet my requirements. I can be pretty rough on laptops, so the models […]

  • Portable One MX Review pics, specs

    by ams4, North Carolina USA Overview and Introduction I recently purchased an MX notebook PC from Portable One. Weighing 4.9lbs the MX can be classified as a thin and light notebook. This model starts at $1799 and can be purchased at the Portable One website. I opted for the (1×1) GB RAM upgrade, which pushed […]

  • Portable One MX Notebook Review

    Portable Oneis an interesting company. They are Fujitsu’s largest integration facility in North America and sell several lines of high-end notebooks. Their exposure to the best machines on the market combined with feedback from their customers inspired them to begin selling their own line of compact, ultra slim and ruggedized laptops. This review will be […]