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  • Mophie Powerstation USB-C XXL Review: Power for MacBook, iPad, iPhone

    Because electrical sockets aren’t always available, external batteries are a necessity for people on the go. The mophie powerstation USB-C XXL is primarily intended to be used with computers that charge through USB Type-C  ports, like the Apple MacBook Pro (2023), but it can also replenish any phone or tablet that supports USB charging. This […]

  • Laptop Battery Life: How Wireless Affects Power Consumption

    Whenever we review notebooks one of the questions that always needs to be answered is, what’s the battery life like on this laptop? We all know manufacturers overstate the quoted battery life for a system, probably because they test for battery life under ideal conditions for getting a high number. For example, wireless off, processor […]

  • How To Set Up a Power Plan in Windows 7 or 8/8.1

    Notebook computers come preconfigured with power plans from the factory; some manufacturers use the ones built into Window while others like Lenovo send their notebooks with their own power plans. Either way, these power plans try to give your laptop a balance of good performance and good battery life based on essentially guesses as to […]

  • eMachines m6809 Review – Awesome Power, Fiscal Joy

    by Giuseppe Naylor Earlier this year, I purchased a new laptop from a manufacturer not known for its quality in the past – the eMachines m6809. I did much research to ensure that I did not make a mistake by purchasing a notebook from a traditionally low-end provider. I can report that I am pleased […]