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  • Recycling PCs and Other Gadgets: Think Before You Toss to Benefit Green Tech

    Lots of folks want to get rid of old PCs, smartphones, iPads, and other consumer electronics items that are taking up space (and be gathering dust) somewhere in their homes or offices. Still, on the consumer side at least, relatively few people take part in product recycling programs. In this article, we’ll take a look […]

  • How HP does green: Recycling facility tour

    In the new millennium, we hear all about advancing science while moving forward responsibly. And why shouldn’t we try to protect the environment we live in as we try to make are lives better, easier? This is where the green movement has stepped in: responsible people (and companies) trying to reduce their impact, reuse their […]

  • How to Buy a Smartphone: Recycling Old Cell Phones

    Good smartphones are now cheap, which means good smartphones are now disposable. The Honor 5X is a quality $200 phablet from Huawei. According to the EPA, some 130 million smartphones are added to landfills every year. The lead, mercury, cadmium and other scary-sounding internal ingredients found inside can leak into groundwater and eventually find their way […]