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  • Toshiba Revamps and Releases New Satellite Notebooks

    Toshiba today updated their entire Satellite notebook lineup in one fell swoop. New designs, processors and innovative features enter the mix with these attractive looking and reasonably priced consumer notebooks. It appears that Toshiba has had their thinking caps on as I think most will agree that these new Satellites look like tempting offerings against […]

  • Origin PC Releases 13-inch EON13-S Gaming Laptop

    On Origin PC announced the release of its new 13-inch addition to the company’s EON gaming laptop line. The EON13-Sis a custom high-performance laptop aimed at offering powerful performance in a portable form factor. The notebook is extremely portable by gaming notebook standards weighing in at 4.4lbs. The EON13-S hosts a number of high-end features […]

  • Lenovo Releases New IdeaPad Z-series and Updates U-series Notebooks

    In the wake of last week’s HP notebook refresh, Lenovo is also announcing new updated models as well as a new line of notebooks. Today Lenovo launches the new IdeaPad Z-series offering a mix of style and high-end entertainment. Lenovo is also releasing new IdeaPad U-series models, which are ultraportable notebooks designed with battery life […]

  • Fujitsu Releases Three New Notebooks

    Fujitsu Computer Systems today announced three new notebooks for both consumers and corporations that demand greater mobility and usability. The LifeBook U820convertible mini notebook is 1.32 pound update to the LifeBook U810 and combines a full-featured Windows PC with integrated Garmin Mobile PC navigation software … for about the same price as a premium GPS […]