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  • How To Secure Your Laptop PC

    Laptops aren’t as expensive as they used to be years ago, but you certainly don’t want yours to get stolen, a grim fate which afflicts hundreds of thousands of notebook PCs each year. Of course, you also want to safeguard any personal or corporate information aboard your laptop from getting lifted or tampered with, by […]

  • How To Make Web Browsing on an Android Device More Secure

    American citizens can now have their online activities tracked by their ISP (Internet Service Provider) and that information sold, thanks to a decision made last month by the U.S. Congress. There are some steps Android users can take to protect their privacy, however. As if ISP tracking isn’t not bad enough, there are a number […]

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Gets an Edge, Secure Folder, & New S Pen Features: Hands On

    Samsung’s latest Note has an edge. In fact, it has two of them, along with new S Pen capabilities, security features, and perhaps the sleekest design ever molded into a smartphone. It’s called the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and it combines a modest spec bump with a host of new software tricks and elements, including […]

  • Lexar Jumpdrive Secure II 2GB Mini Review

    Lexar Jumpdrive Secure II 2GB Mini Review USB thumb drives have become so ubiquitous that there’s not much of substance that differentiates them, and a review of a common USB Drive is almost superfluous. Never-the-less I believe the Lexar Jumpdrive Secure II 2GBwarrants a quick review due to some of it’s unique features. When I […]