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  • OnLive Gaming Service Review

    By Dustin Sklavos OnLive is the proverbial too-good-to-be-true product: A gaming service that can play top-flight games on less than top-flight PCs, including netbooks. Does OnLive live up to any of its gaming-in-the-cloud promises? We break it down in this review. The OnLive gaming service was announced a couple of years ago, making the kinds […]

  • NortonLive PC Tune-Up Service Review

    by Jerry Jackson Sooner or later almost every Windows-based PC starts to suffer from performance problems due to bloatware, old files, poorly managed Windows updates, or adware and viruses. Symantec promises to restore your old computer’s performance with their NortonLive PC Tune-up service. Can a one-time fee of $69.95 really make an old laptop run […]

  • iTunes 9 Video Service Review

    Apple’s iPods and their associated iTunes store are the undisputed product leader in portable digital music sales, but is iTunes video ready to displace streaming services from Netflixand Amazon, or even good, old-fashioned DVD and Blu-Ray disks? We took iTunes 9 video for spin, including its rental service and brand-spanking-new Home Sharing feature, to see […]

  • Game Download Service Buyers Guide

    By Charles P. Jefferies Installing games from a CD is old-school. These days it is all about digital game download services. We reviewed five examples over the last month and today we recognize some of the best. Game Download Services The following game download services are participating in this review: Direct2Drive Good Old Games Stardock […]

  • File Transfer Service Buyers Guide

    By Dustin Sklavos E-mail is a great method for sending text over the Internet, but when it comes to sending large file, you’ll likely need a more robust data transfer system. We break down four of the best File Transfer services available today in this buyers guide. When I’m not writing hardware and software reviews, […]