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  • Windows 10 Continuum: Dont Use a Smartphone as a PC

    Just about every smartphone owner has the same thought sooner or later: I bring my smartphone everywhere, so wouldn’t it be nice if my smartphone could do everything a PC does? The idea that you could research and create an entire PowerPoint presentation on your phone, wirelessly project that presentation in a meeting or classroom, […]

  • PDANet: Notebook Broadband for Smartphone Users

    If you have a smartphone with a high-speed data connection, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use that connection with your laptop? PDANet from Fabrics Technology is an application for Palm OS and Windows Mobile phones that lets you do just that. I have a Dell Latitude D630 with a built-in broadband card […]

  • How to Remove Smartphone and Tablet App Clutter

    Now that the weather’s getting warmer; it’s time for spring cleaning. But this should include some digital cleaning, specifically organizing that cluttered mess you call a phone or tablet. Google Play Store Whether you’re on iOS or Android, we’d wager you have more apps on your mobile device than  you actually use. Some apps you […]

  • How to Print from a Smartphone

    Smartphones and tablets aren’t just toys anymore. Yes, they can be plenty distracting, but they can facilitate some serious productivity when it’s time to get to work. Mobile printing is one of the most useful functions you can accomplish with a smartphone or a tablet. Keep reading to find out how to print from your iPhone, […]

  • LG G5 Smartphone Review: Excellent Camera, Modular Design

    LG changed its game plan with the G5, emphasizing design practicality and innovation over aesthetics and finishing touches. This is best represented in the LG G5’s Magic Slot that makes this a partially modular Android smartphone by expanding it functionality with external accessories. Compared with the HTC 10, and new Samsung S7 handsets, the LG […]