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  • Logitech Alto Notebook Stand Review

    If you’ve ever found yourself with a sore back after a day of hunching over a notebook, then a solution like the Logitech Alto be in order.  The Alto is a notebook stand/riser which elevates your notebook’s screen to a better eye level and includes a full size keyboard (with numeric keypad).  It’s easy to […]

  • LapWorks Attache Laptop Stand Review

    by Jerry Jackson If your laptop gets extremely hot during average use then the new LapWorks Attache Laptop Stand be exactly what you need. This attractive notebook cooling pad features a sleek design that makes it perfect for packing in your bag as you travel and helps put your screen at the perfect ergonomic position. […]

  • Logitech Alto Cordless Notebook Stand Review

    If you are in need of a notebook stand, but hate wires, then Logitech might be your savior. They recently introduced the Alto Cordless Notebook Stand, which unlike the original Alto, is cordless. The keyboard isn’t attached and it still folds up for easy storage. The Alto Cordless worked great with my Asus R1 notebook […]

  • Keynamics Laptop Stand Review pics

    by Skyshade, South CarolinaOne of the key questions many have when purchasing a laptop is how good the keyboard is. The feel of the keys is one obvious concern, but also important is the layout and the size of the keyboard when you go from one size laptop to another. After all, we all have […]

  • Keynamics Aviator Laptop Stand Review

    From Keynamics comes an innovative, portable and affordable laptop stand. If you are looking for something that is compact, would prop your notebook up and forward to bring the LCD to about eye level, alleviate the hunching of the back then this laptop stand be for you — all for under $20. Packaging The Aviator […]