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  • Western Digital ShareSpace Network Storage System Review

    by David Rasnake and Kevin O’Brien Network-attached storage is a mainstay technology for many businesses these days. Essentially an external hard drive with an ethernet connection, network-attached storage (or NAS for short) has the advantage over Firewire or USB external drives of being able to share disk space between several computers across a network. Connect […]

  • Western Digital My Cloud EX2 Review: Cloud Storage Simplicity

    Why spend money for cloud storage from Amazon or Google when you can have your own personal, secure cloud at home thanks to the Western Digital My Cloud EX2? While this new network attached storage (NAS) device isn’t the first My Cloud product from Western Digital, the EX2 might just be king of the hill […]

  • OWC “Data Doubler” Adds 1TB of Storage to MacBook, MacBook Pro

    The Data Doubler kit by OWC is now available; each kit can add 1TB of internal storage so users can upgrade their -2023 MacBook Pro or older 2008- MacBook models. The kit comes with the 2.5-inch Samsung Spinpoint M8 SATA hard drive at 5400rpm. It also comes with a bracket, interposer board, screws, 5-piece toolkit, […]