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  • Sony VAIO S Series Upgrade Guides pics

    Sony VAIO S Upgrade Installation Guide This article serves as an upgrade guide for the Sony VAIO S series of notebooks, included is how to upgrade the following components: Hard Drive upgrade guide CPU Upgrade using Arctic Silver gel coolant guide CD/DVD Drive upgrade guide HardDrive Installation Guide Before we start, here are some disclaimers. […]

  • How To Upgrade Your Notebook with an External Graphics Card

    It’s no secret that upgradeable notebook graphics are a bit of an oxymoron. Despite the fact Nvidia’s MXM modular graphics card technologyhas been available to notebook designers for over a decade, few have fully adopted the standard. The lack of a universal solution for upgrading notebook graphics has left notebook owners at a significant economic […]

  • How to Upgrade Nvidia MXM Notebook Graphics Cards

    Upgradeable graphics have long been an elusive concept in the notebook world, but there’s an increasing number of gaming notebooks that support Nvidia’s modular MXM technology to give you that very capability. Don’t think you can simply purchase any MXM notebook and be able to upgrade the graphics, though. We’ll discuss why in this article. […]

  • How to Replace or Upgrade Laptop Memory

    A computer’s memory (called RAM) is one of the simpler components to replace or upgrade. Increasing the amount of memory is one of the most cost-effective ways to breathe life into an older system and extend its usefulness. We show you start to finish how to replace memory modules in a notebook computer in this […]

  • How To Know If You Should Upgrade Your Notebook

    Whether you’re trying to save a few dollars, can’t find the exact configuration you’re looking for, or just want a specific part, upgrading your notebook aftermarket might be the right route – or might not. We discuss the pros and cons to help you make an informed decision. Aftermarket Upgrades: to be, or not to […]