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  • Users Voice Their Opinions about the Dell XPS M1530

    The Dell XPS M1530 has been the most popular laptop on our charts for all of 2008so far, that’s no small feat when there are literally hundreds of notebook options on the market. So what makes the XPS M1530 so popular and what makes people like it? To find out we look to our user […]

  • Users Voice Their Opinions About the Dell XPS M1330

    The Dell XPS M1330 has been out since of 2007 and has been on our most popular laptop list since about that time too. The XPS M1330 has been the source of much chatter in the Dell forum, and for the most part people are very happy and rave about their M1330. Of course there […]

  • Samsung Chromebook: What Users Like and What They Dont

    Farpoint Groupgave Samsung’s new Series 3 Chromebookto a diverse group of five people to see how real users respond to what some view as a revolution in the making. Are average PC users happy with what the ChromeBook has to offer? First, a personal bias: I’m a huge believer in Web/cloud computing, and I think […]

  • PDANet: Notebook Broadband for Smartphone Users

    If you have a smartphone with a high-speed data connection, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use that connection with your laptop? PDANet from Fabrics Technology is an application for Palm OS and Windows Mobile phones that lets you do just that. I have a Dell Latitude D630 with a built-in broadband card […]

  • How Many Users Will Really Dump Facebook, and Will Google+ Gain?

    Public outcries about Facebook’s privacy policies hit new heights over the past couple of weeks, as the world’s predominant social network introduced controversial new features like Live Ticker and users filed lawsuits over pre-existing privacy concerns. Still though, some users are downplaying privacy matters in online forums. Despite the angry threats of other account holders […]