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  • OmniJoin Review: Videoconference with Co-Workers from Anywhere

    Want to go face-to-face with co-workers from anywhere during vacation months? OmniJoin, a new service from Brother, advances low-cost videoconferencing a notch or two. Overview Videoconferencing has been around for decades, and in fits and starts has gradually evolved from a rather expensive alternative to air travel (in early days you’d visit a special room […]

  • Free Videoconference Software Buyers Guide

    By Dustin Sklavos Gone are the days when videochats and videophone calls are cutting-edge, high-cost CEO-only affairs; there are now several free videoconference applications available to the average consumer. But which offers the best bang for zero bucks? We break it down in this buyer’s guide. The biggest lesson learned in my long journey reviewing […]