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  • Windows Vista/XP Remote Desktop Review

    By: Greg Ross Microsoft Windows XP and Vista both come with built-in remote access capabilities. Are these feature really adequate replacements for third-party remote desktop applications, or are they just more Windows bloatware? Read the full review to find out! INSTALLATION & SETUP Both Windows XP and Vista come with the Remote Desktop Protocol pre-installed, […]

  • Top Windows Vista Tweaks You Can Find

    Love it or hate it, Windows Vista is here to stay as the default operating system for those buying PC laptops on the market today. We all know Vista requires more hardware power, such as 2GB of RAM being almost a necessity to get decent performance, but are there Vista OS and software tweaks you […]

  • News Bits: Vista Update, Apple Market Share for 2006, Dell Battery Recall, HP backs HD-DVD

    Microsoft Launches Updated Windows Vista Preview Microsoft today launched an updated test version of Windows Vista (the OS to replace XP) that has been made available to a pool of testers such as Microsoft’s MSDN and TechNet developer communities. The update has some of the following features: Windows Defender, an update to Windows AntiSpyware, designed […]

  • News Bits: Vista Premium Requirements, Ferrari at Computex, No Laptop Love at Harvard, AMD in Dell Desktops

    Windows Vista Premium 2007 Requirements Microsoft has been following the advancements in technology closely, and has incorporated changes into Windows Vista’s requirements for the actual launch. The official names for the versions of Windows Vista are: Windows Vista Home Basic Windows Vista Home Premium Windows Vista Business Windows Vista Enterprise Windows Vista Ultimate According to […]

  • NBR Flashback: Technologies That Started with Windows Vista

    The mid-2000s were full of change in the personal computing world, most notably when Microsoft introduced Windows Vista in 2006. Vista was Microsoft’s first new consumer operating system (OS) in over five years, the longest amount of time they had allowed to lapse between consumer OS releases to date. It was the successor to the […]