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  • Western Digitals New Format Boosts Hard Drive Space

    Whenever you buy a new hard drive, a certain amount is lost to the fashion in which the drive is formatted. WD’s new Advanced Format drives change the way the drive stores data, giving up an additional seven to eleven percent in free drive space. The new system does away with individual sector headers and […]

  • Western Digital My Book World Edition II Review

    Today Western Digital updated their My Book series of external hard drives with the WD My Book World Edition II, an upgrade and redesign from the original World Edition line. WD designed the older World Edition drives as networked storage that could be accessed from anywhere. The new drives literally expand on this idea by […]

  • Western Digital ShareSpace Network Storage System Review

    by David Rasnake and Kevin O’Brien Network-attached storage is a mainstay technology for many businesses these days. Essentially an external hard drive with an ethernet connection, network-attached storage (or NAS for short) has the advantage over Firewire or USB external drives of being able to share disk space between several computers across a network. Connect […]

  • Western Digital Passport External Hard Drive Review

    by Vivek Gowri The Passport is Western Digital’s line of portable external hard drives, featuring a very sleek casing reminiscent of the Nintendo DS and WD’s 2.5 5400RPM SATA notebook hard disks. Due to the use of a lower powered notebook hard disk, the Passport can be powered by the USB port alone and does […]

  • Western Digital Passport Elite Review

    by Jerry Jackson The Passport has been Western Digital’s most successful line of portable external hard drives for several years. The sleek casing, solid build quality, reasonable speed and tons of storage space continue to keep these USB-powered 2.5″ 5400RPM SATA notebook hard drives popular. The all new Passport Elite series offers even greater capacities, […]