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  • Windows 8: Consumers & Businesses Catch Early Bugs

    As might be expected with any new software from Microsoft, early users of Windows 8 are complaining about malfunctioning apps, device driver woes, installation snags, and a burgeoning managerie of other bugs — except that in a new twist, the first crop of early users this time around includes consumers and business customers, not just […]

  • Windows 8.1: Should You Upgrade?

    If you haven’t installed the final edition of Windows 8.1 by now, you might still be weighing whether or not you want to do that. The best answer is likely to depend on a few factors: your PC hardware configuration, which version of Windows your system is currently running, what kinds of functionality you need, […]

  • Windows 10 First Look: What to Expect from the New Windows

    Windows 10 Desktop Start Menu Microsoft is hoping that the 1.5 billion Windows users around the world will welcome the upcoming release of Windows 10 and forgive the company’s previously questionable choices about changing the Windows Start menu in Windows 8. Microsoft revealed more detail than ever before in a Windows 10 briefing todayand the […]

  • Windows 7 vs Windows Vista Performance Comparison

    With the release of a new operating system, one of the first questions that pops into your head–besides how much it is going to cost you–is if it will increase the performance of your machine. Newer operating systems are usually more optimized, designed to start quicker, load programs faster, and increase performance with better drivers. […]

  • Windows 7 – To Buy or Not to Buy?

    Windows 7 hits the streets , and with it something rather new from a recent Microsoft operating system: Positive reviews. Does this mean you should definitely update your OS — and be your entire system — just for the sake of embracing Windows 7? Or is this just another hypefest that will end in tears […]