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  • Your Desktops Best Friend: The 5.25″ Bay

    No matter how much a Desktop PC case changes over the years, it seems like there’s always one thing you can rely on: the 5.25 expansion bay. Whether you’re talking about a full-sized ATX desktop case, a minitower desktop, or even a small Home Theater PC (HTPC) you’ll find at least one 5.25 bay in […]

  • How to Use Your Web Browser Like a Pro

    Web browsers are really good these days, with a host of features you should be taking advantage of daily. Many of these are made possible by browser extensions that vastly improve functionality, and since that requires a bit of proactive tweaking and hunting, it’s possible you aren’t getting the most out of your web crawling experience. […]

  • How To Upgrade Your Notebook with an External Graphics Card

    It’s no secret that upgradeable notebook graphics are a bit of an oxymoron. Despite the fact Nvidia’s MXM modular graphics card technologyhas been available to notebook designers for over a decade, few have fully adopted the standard. The lack of a universal solution for upgrading notebook graphics has left notebook owners at a significant economic […]

  • How to Sell Your Laptop

    With most new laptop purchases or holiday gifts, the question arises: What do you do with your old laptop? As a responsible inhabitant of the planet, you can’t in good conscience toss your old laptop in the trash. Plus, if it’s in some semblance of a working condition, you might be able to offset the […]

  • How To Secure Your Laptop PC

    Laptops aren’t as expensive as they used to be years ago, but you certainly don’t want yours to get stolen, a grim fate which afflicts hundreds of thousands of notebook PCs each year. Of course, you also want to safeguard any personal or corporate information aboard your laptop from getting lifted or tampered with, by […]