Targus Global Executive Backpack Review pics

Targus Global Executive Backpack Review pics

by Andrew Baxter, New York USA

Targus is well known for the various notebook and computer accessories they sell, and of these they’re probably best known for their quality carrying cases and backpacks. Targus recently released the Global Executive Backpackfor those that demand a sturdier type of backpack with a simple no frills designthat’s rugged yet professional. Constructed of rugged nylon and offering something Targus calls it’s Dome Protection System, your 15.4″ screen laptop will be kept safe and sound in this bag.

Targus Global Executive Backpack (MSRP $89.99)


The Targus Global Executive Backpack is quite obviously targeted at those people that just want a conservative and professional look. The name of this backpack tells you as much, they would have named it something more hip if it was targeted at the high school kid with 10 tattoos and a nose ring. No indeed, stodgy people like myself prefer an all black look that won’t show dirt, won’t tear and looks good without screaming for attention (note, I’m not and never will be a global executive, but you don’t have to be to buy this backpack).

Front view of the Targus Global Executive Backpack (view larger image)

The color is all black with the only thing not being are the zippers and Targus logo which include silver coloring. The bag is nylon, and looks nylon, all over except for the back where it has a soft mesh for comfort on your back and on the bottom a more weather resistant type material that would probably repel water if you put the bag down in say a shallow puddle (by accident) while waiting for the bus.

Back view of the Targus Global Executive Backpack (view larger image)


You get a nice amount of pockets with the Targus Global Executive Backpack. The very front pocket is meant for things such as airline tickets and small documents, say a passport. The front compartment is nicely designed, you can place all of your pens, pencils, cell phone (there’s a cell phone holder) keys, MP3 player — you name it, there’s room and probably a way to store it. This front compartment is fairly deep and I actually had trouble digging all the way down and seeing stuff at the bottom. To aid with this, Targus provided a nice touch in the form of a blue light that’s clipped on and allows you to easily illuminate the compartment to find that pack of gum that fell to the bottom.

Front compartment area (view larger image)

A blue light is included to help find stuff at the bottom of the front compartment

The main compartment is of course where the notebook is placed and you have the protection system for that at the back. There’s also plenty of room for documents and books in the front area of the main compartment. Targus placed a couple of separators in this area so that you can put say books in one area and file-folders/documents in another. To be honest, I’d rather Targus had just had the notebook storage area and then the rest left for books and not gone sub-seperating a file-folder area. I usually need as much real estate as possible to jam stuff in front of my notebook, and further separation of areas steals room and doesn’t help me stay more organized. For students with very large text books, you might find this annoying too, but for business people that want documents stored cleanly and separately, it might be good.

This is the main compartment where a notebook is actually stored, you can see the air cushion system for the sides of the notebook (view larger image)

Two side pockets provide areas for change or other loose items. One pretty cool feature is on the bottom left side there’s a zipper compartment you can open, and out pops a mesh holder to place in a bottle of water you know you’ll need after a long walk or dehydration from that dry, stale airline air you’ve been breathing.

Also in the main compartment is an area for books and file folders (view larger image)

The straps on the back used to carry the notebook are just okay, there’s not as much cushioning on them as I would like and I’ve had backpacks with more comfortable straps. A hip belt is there if you need to use it to distribute weight better.

Notebook Protection

This bag is designed for 15.4″ screen notebooks. It’s not big enough to fit a 17″ notebook but is too big for anything that’s a 12″ screen size notebook or under, meaning if you have an ultraportable your laptop will bounce around and not be protected properly. But most people do have a 15.4″ screen notebook or thereabout, so this bag is for the mainstream notebook type of person. The notebook goes at the back of the main compartment of the backpack where there’s cushioning and something Targus calls the Dome Protection System.

So what is the Dome Protection System? Every bag maker seems to have its own protection method with a fancy name and patent that claims to be better than any other. It’s hard for me to tell if this technology by Targus is better than any other, but what it is basically is padding that consists of concentric, layered circles that are built into the case wall to distribute the force of impact to the notebooks edges, where the chassis is sturdier. Targus says the Dome system provides up to 350 percent more sidewall protection.

If the Dome system isn’t enough for you, then Targus also retained the air-protection technology in which we can see there’s padding for the notebook sides and corners, this padding is adjustable and removable via Velcro.


The Targus Global Executive Backpack is good for business people carrying a 15.4″ notebook that want a backpack for ease of carrying, but don’t want to look like a college kid walking into the board-room. It offers good protection for the notebook and a nice amount of carrying room for other stuff. It is a bit puffy, and might be hard to put under an airline seat during travel, but then again that puffiness is due to the extra protection and storage the bag provides so it’s a fair tradeoff. Students will likely not be interested in this bag, unless you’re in business school and like to play the part of an already conservative and grown up business-person.


The Targus Global Executive bag has a suggested price of $89.99 (click for comparison pricing), but shop around and you’ll find it for cheaper. Better yet, get your company to buy it for you as a necessary business expense.






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