Targus Grove Sling Bag Review

Targus Grove Sling Bag Review

Looking to go “green”? It’s the newest fad these days as everything is “green” from cars to computers and all their accessories. Now, you can use your favorite computer and bag without worrying about hurting the environment. Thanks to Targus’s EcoSmart green initiative, there is an entire line-up of environmentally friendly bags, including the Grove Sling which we got our hands on.

The Grove Sling Bag Specifications:

  • Exterior Dimensions: 13.58″ W x 6.10″ D x 16.54″ L
  • Device Compatibility: 14.33″ W x 1.69″ D x 11.81″ L
  • Weight: 2.29 lbs
  • Olive/Sedona Nylon
  • Case is PVC free and is constructed of durable nylon material, recyclable plastics and nickel-free metal
  • Quilted compartment fits 15.4″ laptops
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Grove Sling in all its glory. (view large image)

Design and Aesthetics

The Grove Sling is designed to fit most 15.4″ notebooks and it’s PVC-free. It features recyclable plastic accents and nickel-free metal to reduce the amount of toxins released into the environment. It’s not all about style anymore, it’s about the cause and Targus has combined both with the Grove Sling. You can feel good about sporting this backpack to work or class.

It is constructed of durable nylon material and comes in a modern olive color with sedona accents. It definitely has that urban rugged appeal to it. The Grove Sling kind of resembles a hiking bag and is actually durable enough to withstand some of the environmental elements, including rain and dirt. The bag isn’t completely waterproof, but it does repel water and it hides dirt well.

The EcoSmart badge on the side proves the Grove Sling is a green machine. (view large image)

To help keep your notebook protected, the sling features a quilted side-access notebook compartment. As mentioned above, it holds most 15.4″ notebooks and I could see why. The inside of this compartment has plenty of room. My 13.3″ Asus R1 had no problems fitting in there. It stayed surprising secure as well, not a lot of movement even when walking around. It kept my tablet safe even after a few accidental drops of the bag.

Padded notebook compartment and side pocket for power cords. (view large image)

To help keep you organized the zipper pocket on the front of the sling is considered the “workstation”. It includes a business card holder, pen loops, key hook and several accessory pockets, so you can store all your gadgets. It’s big enough to fit a second tablet, like the Fujitsu U810 or even a Eee PC. Although, there is no padding in this compartment, these small notebooks would fit. In fact you could put the battery cords in here and your second device inside the notebook compartment.

Inside the “workstation.” (view large image)

I managed to stuff many items in here including my Motorola Q9, phone charger, business cards, pens, paper notebook, snacks and a separate cosmetic bag I use when traveling. I put it to the road warriors test and nothing was damaged.

There is a large front storage pocket that provides quick access to personal items or a plane ticket. Not much else would fit in it, but it is convenient for those items you need quick access to. The Grove Sling also has two mesh pockets one on each side. One of the mesh pockets unzips to hold a water bottle or other beverage.

Side pocket water bottle holder. (view large image)

The bag features an adjustable sling style shoulder strap and padded handle for comfortable carrying. For those users who have never used a sling style bag before it is very comfortable and the weight from the bag is still distributed evenly like with a standard backpack. The back side has a raised padded area for your back and it is ventilated to keep you cool. All you have to do is unhook the latch and the Grove Sling comes off in seconds.

Back side of the Grove Sling. (view large image)

A personal favorite is the MP3 player pocket with headphone pass-through. This is perfect for all users. When you are traveling for business or going back and forth to class, you don’t want to get into your bag for your iPod. Well, the Grove Sling gives you easy access to your music. The pocket on the strap holds an MP3 player and your headphones. This pocket is an added bonus to the already stylish, durable bag.

MP3 player pocket with headphone pass-through. (view large image)

Using the bag

The Grove Sling has plenty of room to store all your gadgets. The padded compartment protects your notebook and still has room in it for smaller text books or another sub-notebook. I never noticed the weight. The bag distributes the weight evenly and it is comfortable to carry when traveling.

If you haven’t used a sling bag before, it takes a while to get used to since the notebook is put in sideways. It isn’t a top-load like most backpacks or messengers. It is still as secure though. All my belongings stayed in place. However, I would have liked a dedicated cell phone pocket on the inside. There are a few velcro and zipper pockets, but my cell phone still moved around in those.

I am all for the “green initiative”. So I give props to Targus for using recyclable and environmentally friendly materials for this bag. If you aren’t a fan of sling style bags, the EcoSmart line has a messenger and backpack as well. The materials are durable and stylish. Hopefully they will start to come in more colors.


Feel good about saving the Earth, while toting around your notebook. Everyone needs a reliable bag for their tablet and this is helping out a worthy cause. The bag conforms to your back, so it doesn’t have that boxy look and the padding on the back side and strap make it comfortable to carry. It also has little rubber feet on the bottom, so you don’t have to worry about it falling over when you set it down.

As I already mentioned it has plenty of pockets and the water bottle holder and MP3 player pocket are a bonus for those users who travel a lot. I am always looking for more places to put my wallet, plane ticket or drink when I am on-the-go and this bag has room for it all.


  • Bag is good for the environment
  • Made of Durable materials
  • MP3 player pocket with headphone pass-through
  • Comfortable strap and back padding
  • Easy access front pocket for personal items


  • No dedicated cell phone pocket
  • One color option

Pricing and Availability

The Targus Grove Sling is available on Targus’s websitefor $59.99. They were just recently released and showcased at CES, so if you like having the newest accessories this one is newly in stock.





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