The Alienware Odyssey Messenger Bag Review

The Alienware Odyssey Messenger Bag Review

by Sarah Meyer

Mobile Edge has put together a line of Alienware branded notebook cases for those of you who can’t get enough of Alienware. This review focuses on the Alienware Odyssey Messenger Bag, but the product line also includes a backpack and a briefcase with the signature Alienware logo prominently displayed.  The Odyssey have the Alienware logo but can it live up to the quality that this brand name has established?

The Odyssey Specifications

  • Dimensions: 18 x 16 x 6
  • Compartment Dimensions: 15.5 x 12 x 2.25
  • Weight: 3.4 lbs.
  • Made with ballistic nylon
  • Ergonomic adjustable shoulder strap
  • The SafetyCell computer protection compartment
  • Dedicated media pocket w/ headphone port
  • Lifetime warranty

Design and Aesthetics

The Alienware logo is the first thing you notice when looking at the Odyssey.  It’s in the middle of the dedicated media pocket and it’s pretty distinctive. 

The bag itself is a mixture of black and dark grey mesh and ballistic nylon.  The above mentioned media pocket is on the front flap and there are two adjustable buckles to keep flap secured.  On both sides of the bag there are two zippered pockets with Alienware stitched on them.  These pockets would be perfect for keeping items handy like pens, pencils, money, cell phones, etc.

Under the flap there is a medium sized zippered pocket with a key fob, pen holder, and an elastic mesh pocket.  Keep things you’d like to keep secure in here.  It’s large enough for cell phones, wallets, keys, sunglasses, or small office supplies.

Above this pocket is a large zippered pocket with two elastic mesh pockets inside.  I kept my purse, power cord, external mouse and an USB extension cord in this pocket.  But it could be used for file folders, spiral bound notebooks, and other large but thin items or accessories.

The main compartment can also be zippered shut.  Inside, you’ll find the “SafetyCell Computer Protection Compartment” … better known as the laptop sleeve.  It’s supposed to be able to hold 17 wide notebooks, including most Alienware notebooks. The SafetyCell has about a half inch of padding on all sides and is secured with a Velcro strap. Oh, and on the outside of the SafetyCell there is a large Alienware logo stitched on the side in white.

Besides protecting your notebook, the main compartment can hold textbooks or extra large accessories.  I could fit my docking station or a compact speaker system in comfortably with my laptop.

Also, inside the main compartment are two large Velcro pockets for extra cords or a graphing calculator as well as eight CD sleeves for stuffing loose items in like small notepads or flash drives. 

On the back of the Odyssey there is another large zippered pocket similar to the one under the flap.  You can fit all kinds of large office supplies or computer accessories in this pocket. 

On the strap there are two small zippered pockets.  I’m not sure what you would put in there, be chapstick or a very small cell phone.  I have a small Verizon flip phone and it wouldn’t fit.

The strap itself is black like most of the bag and is adjustable.  It has a large pad for added comfort.

Using the bag

The Odyssey, like the other Mobile Edge products I’ve seen, is a roomy bag.  You can fit a lot of stuff into these bags even with your notebook inside.  There are plenty of pockets to keep all of your stuff organized, and they are all different sizes and shapes to cater towards whatever you might decide to stuff inside.

For those of you with an obsession for all things Alienware, the brand name literally covers the Odyssey.  Even the lining on the inside of flap and in the main compartment has Alienware name written all over it.  For me, this was somewhat of a turn-off.  Keep it simple, please; as much as I love Alienware I’m not a walking advertisement.

The SafetyCell inside this bag again seemed thin on the padding to me but unlike a previous Mobile Edge bag I reviewed, it did seem to have the same amount of the padding all the way around the laptop.  Also, the Velcro strap that secures the notebook didn’t feel all that secure; I’d prefer an adjustable buckle. be I’m too picky when it comes to the notebook sleeve but I’m a worrier and I like to know that my notebook is safe.

The hardware used on the Odyssey felt like it was made from cheap plastics.  The plastic buckles on the front and on the strap were made of thinner plastic than what we’ve seen on other Mobile Edge bags, and these pieces of hardware seemed like they could break easily.  There is a lifetime warranty on this bag though, so that might not be a big issue. 

In the description of the Odyssey, the strap is referred to as ergonomic.  I’m not sure how this is justified. It was padded but I’ve seen much nicer straps on other bags, including other Mobile Edge products.


The Alienware Odyssey Messenger bag is an acceptable value when priced at $90.  It was roomy and it got the job done but I disliked the over-use of Alienware branding all over the bag. I know, I know for some people this is a huge plus. That said, I felt like the plastic hardware and limited padding on the strap made this bag look and feel more like budget bags that sell for less than $50.

Honestly, if you’re going to spend thousands of dollars on an Alienware notebook, or any notebook for that matter, isn’t durability and build quality more important than the logo on the bag?


  • Great for staying organized
  • Can fit almost any size laptop
  • Lifetime replacement warranty


  • Outside hardware seems cheap
  • The Velcro SafetyCell strap doesn’t feel secure
  • Too much Alienware branding

Pricing and Availability

The Alienware Odyssey Messenger Bag can be purchased via the Mobile Edge website, or through an authorized vendor. A list of vendors can be found on the Mobile Edge site. The Odyssey is $89.99.





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