Users Voice Their Opinions About the Dell XPS M1330

Users Voice Their Opinions About the Dell XPS M1330

The Dell XPS M1330 has been out since of 2007 and has been on our most popular laptop list since about that time too. The XPS M1330 has been the source of much chatter in the Dell forum, and for the most part people are very happy and rave about their M1330. Of course there are lots of small complaints and questions about the XPS M1330 there, but what would a forum be without such things!

For those that don’t know, the XPS M1330 is a 13.3″ widescreen laptop from Dell that has the option of an LED backlit screen, SSD storage, Nvidia 8400m dedicated graphics, four color options, and a speedy Intel Core 2 Duo processor. Dell recently added Wireless USB as an option as well. Basically, the XPS M1330 is a premium portable laptop from Dell that they offer the latest and greatest components in. It is also highly configurable so that you can tweak it out to being a $2,000+ laptop, or keep things reasonable at around $999.

We wrote our full review of the XPS M1330back in , but what are people saying now? We dip into our user opinion pool for the XPS M1330to find out. The opinions chosen here are based on the value of the information (in our opinion) to our readers. We’re not picking only the positive opinions or negative. For the record, the overall positive rating is 72% while negative rating is at 28%.

Great notebook except for Vista


Pros:Lightweight and just the right size. Love the sleeve it comes with. Fits in my backpack with cords, USB hub, wallet and all the other junk I carry. Fingerprint reader makes life easier. I like the touchpad as it is easy to scroll any direction. I use the 4 cell battery when I know I will have power and use the 9 cell battery when unsure. Love the WiFi finder. This is the first computer I’ve ever owned I didn’t build myself and am pleased with most everything. Was very impressed no bloatware was added. Haven’t needed service yet, so not able to comment on Dell customer service. Initial problem with ordering, but those were resolved.

Cons:Bit of a jiggle when using the 9 cell battery, but battery life is good. Otherwise, build was excellent. Need to find a replacement for McAfee Security Center, but can’t use Zone Alarm Pro because of Vista.

Great laptop at a fair price


Pros:Great size for portability. Nice design overall. Nothing wrong with build quality on my unit.

Cons:Could have relocated one of the headphone jacks to the side for hooking up external speakers.

Very Satisfied, Great Thing to Show Off


Pros:Came earlier than expected! Product came in 6 days and now I’m the happiest camper ever! Everything works well and is very fast. I got the 3gb of ram, 2.2ghz, 128mb graphics card and the 7200rpm 160gb hard drive. everything works great, love the earphones addition, and that stylish owner’s manual in a leather bound book. Also the extra notebook cover is a true plus! fits very snug!

Cons:the media card is a bit of a tight fit, either i dont know how to put it in correctly or what but it’s a hassle putting it in and popping it back out, but I think im getting used to it.

Looks good, goes fast, suspect build quality, Vista is useless, service is ok


Pros:Looks nice, great screen, nice keyboard, light enough for travel, quick enough for most desktop apps, reasonable-to-good service.

Cons:Huge problems with Vista from day-1, many hardware problems too such as freezing when coming out of sleep or when enabling WiFi. Dell replaced the motherboard but the problem has not been solved – so they’re sending me a replacement (I really wanted my money back but they refused!). When it was working my gripes were more limited: gets very hot, 6-cell battery doesn’t last long, not all panels fit well together and it just feels too flimsy.

Excellent Portable


Pros:Portable Stylish Bright LED Screen Built-in camera Does not get excessively hot Built-in CD/DVD drive unlike other ultra-portables Built-in wireless card to match your mobile service Comes w/ lots of goodies like a leather portfolio, slip cover & earbuds * Excellent machine that has worked well for me so far. I was worried after reading a lot of initial complaints people had @ launch {mostly about build quality} but it appears Dell has worked them out. After coming from 3 12″ Latitude notebooks, I do not regret this switch.

Cons:Few minor complaints but nothing to get upset over: * The metallic keyboard/wrist pads do get cold in the winter, however, the laptop itself never gets overly hot when on my lap * The 9 cell battery sits in the back & raises the keyboard to an incline that helps w/ ventilation, however, I found the ports to be less obtrusive when they were placed in the back of the machine instead of the side * The touch sensitive buttons are pretty cool but a little slow to respond * It took me forever to register my fingerprints & it still takes several swipes before it will accept one – it is A LOT quicker to just type my password in * Would have been nice if it was compatible w/ the D-Family docking stations (like the m1710 was) * The 65 watt charger is rather slow; there is no 90 watt option like the Latitudes * The slot load drive is loud – which would not be so bad if it only happened when I used it but every time I turn on my laptop or even open the lid from Sleep Mode, it makes a noise * There is some light clicking noises – not sure if it is the processor or what but it is audible

right concept but less than perfect execution

Pros:delivers on the promise of powerful components in a light and nice box, the screen (colours, movies look great), the machine feels durable enough and not too flimsy, keyboard is nice to type on

Cons:design: vertical viewing angle could be a bit better, touch snensitive multimedia control buttons are inconvenient, build quality: keyboard in the area of enter key does submerge a bit when hitting enter a bit harder and has no firm foundation there, 1 bad pixel (at the very top corner) bought M1330 as the replacement for my 4year old IBM Thinkpad T40p with the highest expectations and cannot say that I am absolutely thrilled.

This is just a sampling of opinions, you can view our XPS M1330 opinions page for more.

For those of you that watched the Super Bowl this year, you have noticed a few Dell advertisements on the TV. One of those ads was for the XPS M1330 RED edition. The ad included a young man leaving his home to strut down the street toward a coffee shop and use his XPS M1330. Along the way he has his rear end slapped by a traffic cop, gets surrounded by adoring fans, and is randomly kissed by a hot looking blonde girl. So does this happen to any other XPS M1330 owners out there? I’d think about buying one myself if this is all true…





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